Layanan Verifikasi Email Untuk Para Business Owner

Verifikasi email lebih banyak dengan biaya lebih hemat.

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3 Alasan Membeli Layanan Email Marketing di RBO.CO.ID

Berfokus pada kualitas

Since 2015 RBO.CO.ID committed to providing the best quality following the latest updates

Pengiriman cepat

Dengan perkembangan teknologi dengan cepat, kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan setup yang maksimal

Tanpa biaya mahal

Biaya mahal seperti kebangkrutan bagi Anda yang baru terjun di dunia online. Dan sudah bangkrut duluan dengan biaya yang mahal.

Automation & Flexibility

Dengan sistem yang telah kami modif, kini Verifikasi Email sudah berjalan secara otomatis berjalan 24 jam.

Mendapatkan Laporan Lengkap

Setelah verifikasi selesai Anda akan mendapatkan laporan lengkap: Deliverables, Non Deliverables, Deliverables with Risk, Free Account, Role Account, Disposable Account, dan Syntex Error

Bebas Upgrade Kapan Saja

Anda bisa upgrade akun kapan saja untuk mempercepat verifikasi email Anda

email marketing

Biaya semurah-murahnya, Verifikasi sepuasnya

Sulit untuk mengalahkan harga dan spesifikasi Layanan Kami!

RBO.CO.ID: Rp 970k

Up to 3.000.000 verifikasi email

Emaillist Verify: Rp 45jt

3.000.000 juta verifikasi email

ZeroBounce: Rp 90jt

3.000.000 juta verifikasi email

The price comparison shown does not include TAX. Packages and Prices are taken directly from the provider's Website in April 2022. All trademarks and trade logos are the property of their respective owners.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

At RBO.CO.ID we are very ethical. we not only run strict procedures and our team are the ones who passed the selection to ensure we apply the highest standards of your privacy.

4 Reasons Behind the Low Prices of RBO.CO.ID

Keeping prices low is the essence of RBO.CO.ID's dream

Cheap Culture

Indonesians think twice before shopping, especially if they know there are cheaper ones they will feel lied to. In addition, we also do not invest in premium offices or luxury cars. Even our owners prefer to live in type 36 housing. Thanks to this, we can provide lower prices for you.

The Best Servers

With the results of research for more than 7 years, we have found a server that is suitable for SMTP servers, so we don't have to change servers that cost a lot of money.

Reputation and Standardization

Our prices are the cheapest because we always maintain our email sending reputation. Of course many email marketing services are bigger than us, but unlike most of our competitors, we have a system to increase the speed and volume of sending email without having to add more servers.



up to 300.000 email / bulan

$ 31.54

Kecepatan verifikasi 10.000 email perhari

Save 5%


up to 1 jt email / bulan

Rp 3.000.000,-

Rp 970.000,-

Kecepatan verifikasi 50.000 email perhari

Save 7%


up to 5 million / month

Rp 5.000.000,-

Rp 1.497.000,-

Kecepatan verifikasi 100.000 email perhari


Frequently asked questions?

Because you are special, we have prepared 1 application 1 × 24 hours working days especially for you. With the hope that the application can run smoothly even though many are using it. And we have proven this and the results are going well.

You can contact us via our whatsapp contact. And we are ready to help you wholeheartedly

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